This Arihant Synonyms And Antonyms Book PDF Can Prove Very Useful For Preparing The English Section Of The Various Competitive Exams. communication, study of synonyms is more beneficial. WORD. SYNONYMS. ANTONYMS. LEVEL. RESOURCE LIST SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS. synonym and antonym questions / Brigit Dermott.— 1st ed. school entrance exam, you may get a number of questions that appear Then study this list.

Synonyms And Antonyms List For Competitive Exams Pdf

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Frequently Asked Synonyms and Antonyms in Competitive Exams Pdf Download Today we are sharing a complete List of Antonyms and Synonyms which This PDF contains Antonyms asked in previous years PDF. Synonyms and Antonyms are very commonly asked question in any competitive exam. We are not just talking about Indian competitive exams. We have compiled important Antonyms list with their opposite meanings for competitive exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, IBPS, RRB, SBI PO and.

Fraught Adjective : causing or affected by anxiety or stress, filled with something undesirable Synonym: charge, filled, replete Antonym: calm Sentence: For a company running into huge losses, it is fraught with danger to introduce new products in the market. Dormant adjective : Having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep.

Synonym: Sleeping, slumbering, resting, Antonym: Active, alert, awake Sentence: Grass turning brown is actually a defence mechanism, which allows them to lie dormant until rains revive them. Dismantle verb : Take a machine or structure to pieces.

Adept adjective : Very skilled or proficient at something Synonym: Capable, deft, proficient, skilled Antonym: Incapable, incompetent, ignorant Sentence: Cassel adept at learning on the fly.

Impute verb : Represent something, especially something undesirable as being done or possessed by someone. Synonym: Assign, blame, lay Antonym: Defend, guard, help, protect Sentence: India is committed to respect the religious and cultural beliefs of its people and it will be inappropriate to impute any other considerations to this decision.

Reliant Adjective : having or showing dependence on something Synonyms: Confident, Dependent, susceptible, subservient Antonyms: Disbelieve, Disregard, Ignore Sentence: The whole team is too much reliant on the skipper to score runs in the slog over of a match. Pretence noun : An attempt to make something that is not the case appears true. Synonyms: Putting on an act, faking. Antonyms: Reality, honesty.

Sentence: Police in Tamale has charged the headmaster of Prince of Peace International school with defrauding by false pretences. Robust Adjective : Sturdy in construction in case of objects ; strong and rich in flavor and smell in case of wine or food Synonyms: Durable, Resilient, tough, strong, long-lasting Antonyms: Fickle, weak, frail, insipid, tasteless Sentence: They have put in place a very robust mechanism in order to detect any kind of fraud in the system.

Quintessential adjective : Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.

Prodigy — miracle, marvel normal, average Prodigious — vast, enormous unimpressive, diminutive Premature — precocious, untimely belated, opportune Predicament — plight, dilemma resolution, confidence Precarious — doubtful, insecure assured, undeniable Pompous — haughty, arrogant unpretentious, humble Perverse — petulant, obstinate complacent, docile Pertness — flippancy, impudence modesty, diffidence Peevish — perverse, sullen suave, amiable Peerless — matchless, unrivalled mediocre, commonplace Paramount — foremost, eminent trivial, inferior Pamper — flatter, indulge deny, disparage Placid — tranquil, calm turbulent, hostile Quell — subdue, reduce exacerbate, agitate Quaint — queer, strange familiar, usual Quack — impostor, deceiver upright, unfeigned Quibble — equivocate, prevaricate unfeign, plain Quarantine — seclude, screen befriend, socialize Questionable — dubious, disputable reliable, authentic Reverence — respect, esteem disrespect, affront Ratify — consent, approve deny, dissent Ravage — destroy, ruin reconstruct, renovate Redeem — recover, liberate conserve, lose Ruthless — remorseless, inhumane compassionate, lenient Rustic — rural uncivilised cultured, refined Rout — vanquish, overthrow succumb, withdraw Retract — recant, withdraw confirm, assert Remote — inaccessible, farther adjoining, adjacent Remorse — regret, penitence ruthlessness, obduracy Resentment — displeasure, wrath content, cheer Rescind — annul, abrogate delegate, permit Remonstrate — censure, protest agree, laud Remnant — residue, piece entire, whole Sycophant — parasite, flatterer devoted, loyal Superficial — partial, shallow profound, discerning Subvert — demolish, sabotage generate, organise Substantial — considerable, solid tenuous, fragile Subsequent — consequent, following Preceding, Previous Stain — blemish, tarnish honour, purify Scanty — scarce, insufficient lavish, multitude Sarcastic — ironical, derisive courteous, gracious Shrewd — cunning, crafty simple, imbecile Stupor — lethargy, unconsciousness sensibility, consciousness Squalid — dirty, filthy tidy, attractive Sporadic — intermittent, scattered incessant, frequent Solicit — entreat, implore protest, oppose Sneer — mock, scorn flatter, praise Slander — defame, malign applaud, approve Shabby — miserable, impoverished prosperous, thriving Saucy — impudent, insolent modest, humble Tyro — beginner, learner proficient, veteran Trivial — trifling, insignificant significant veteran Trenchant — assertive, forceful feeble, ambiguous Transient — temporal, transitory lasting, enduring Tranquil — peaceful, composed violent, furious Timid — diffident, coward bold, intrepid Temperate — cool, moderate boisterous, violent Tedious — wearisome, irksome exhilarating, lively Taciturn — reserved, silent talkative, extrovert Taboo — prohibit, ban permit, consent Throng — assembly, crowd dispersion, sparsity Tumultuous — violent, riotous peaceful, harmonious Utterly — completely, entirely deficiently, incompletely Usurp — seize, wrest restore, compensate Uncouth — awkward, ungraceful elegant, graceful Umbrage — resentment, bitterness sympathy, goodwill Vulgar — inelegant, offensive elegant, civil Vouch — confirm, consent repudiate, prohibit Volatile — light, changing heavy, ponderous Vicious — corrupt, obnoxious noble, virtuous Venerable — esteemed, honoured unworthy, immature Vanity — conceit, pretension modesty, humility Valour — bravery, prowess fear, cowardice Vagrant — wanderer, roaming steady, settled Vigilant — cautious, alert careless, negligent Bind Predicament Release Dismantle verb : Take a machine or structure to pieces.

Total 7 difficulty sets, for each sets difficulty is increased. Knotty — complicated difficult simple, manageable 6.

Restrain Detain, Confine Incite L — 19 Water around us. Bombay: Printed for government at the Bombay Education Society's press, Defile contaminate, pollute Purify, sanctity In Marathi we do not write vowels as it is when they are to be combined with consonant.