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Within this study mountain biking is considered an activity on the extreme sports continuum. Historically, psychological research into extreme and adventure sports has largely been concerned with sensation-seeking, impulsivity and risk-taking behavior Brymer and Schweitzer, A survey found that Recent research is more aligned to the lived experience of participants.

Participation in high-risk activities does not necessarily equate to overestimation of abilities, or impulsive, irresponsible behavior Llewellyn et al.

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Contemporary literature has also included studies on the meaningfulness of extreme sports and links to psychological well-being e. Evidence is also building to suggest that mainstream interventions for mental health should include extreme and adventure sports Clough et al.

Recent mountain biking research also challenges the traditional perspective.

Thrill-seeking should not be ignored - indeed, mountain biking participants have indicated that speed and adrenaline can be a motivation for participation International Mountain Biking Association, There is also evidence to suggest that thrill-seeking may play a bigger part in initial motivation to engage in such activities, but that a desire to master skills and maintain health and well-being soon becomes more dominant Willig, ; Cycling UK, Evidence is building to suggest that mountain biking participants are also motivated by intense positive emotions and fulfilling experiences Dodson, ; challenge; opportunities for self-responsibility; development of identity; the aesthetics of the natural environment Lynch and Dibben, ; Moularde and Weaver, Mental health problems are a growing public health concern.

Depression is now the leading cause of disability and ill health worldwide, increasing the risk of substance misuse and suicide World Health Organization, The evidence supporting positive physical and psychosocial health outcomes in relation to nature-based activities and experiences is substantial Brymer et al.

The natural environment is an integral part of the mountain biking experience, offering participants a unique way to connect with nature Siderelis et al.

Despite this, mainstream health interventions rarely include outdoor adventure activities or extreme sports Clough et al. In summary, recent evidence suggests behavioral and motivational homogeneity within these types of populations should not be assumed; and the various ways of participating in mountain biking appear to belong on several points along the extreme sport continuum.

Thrill-seeking may motivate some participants to engage in mountain biking.

The natural environments in which these activities take place are thought to be both an important motivational factor as well as a catalyst for improved well-being. Evidence is growing regarding the potential for extreme sports to contribute to positive mental health; however, there is a shortage of evidence concerning mountain biking. The aim of this study therefore was to describe the characteristics of mountain bikers, their engagement methods, and perceived benefits to psychological well-being.

Methods Participants and procedure This was a retrospective cross-sectional study utilizing an online survey to gather quantitative data on demographics, riding habits, preferences and motivations of a self-selecting sample of international mountain bikers. The only inclusion criterion was being a mountain biker aged 16 or over.

Mountain Bike Rider – June 2019

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The Enduro is full-on. The company recently introduced two shoes specifically designed for flat pedals. The flagship Clan aims to satisfy schralp-y shredders.

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Challenging climbing and demanding descents in the stunning wilderness of the region, along with a great mix of the best bits of cross-country, all-mountain trail riding and backcountry.

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Coaching, guided rides and proper swanky accommodation. Their opinion of the Sierra Nevada mountains was: "The Sierra Nevada is a massive mountain range, offering the experienced biker technical, big-mountain riding on dry, natural trails. There are endless long climbs and rocky, switch-backing descents.

This is back-country riding, with eagles for company. Read his article, as a German PDF, here.

A: No, that's the fun bit. They recently published an interview with Jenny, co-owner of Pure Mountains, as a Member's Story on their blog. You can read the full article here.


Privateer Magazine, January " Old hiking and farming trails tumble down the valley in all directions. His feature on skills coaching appeared in the latest edition of the mag, along with some gorgeous photos he took at Pure Mountains.

You can read extracts from the article below. They recommended a visit to Pure Mountains, of course!

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He had a great time. Read his full report, in Swedish, here. International Mountain Bike Magazine, June " Read their thoughts and see some great photos here. Read the online version here.Coaching, guided rides and proper swanky accommodation.

With its incredible pace and almost silent ride it is easily one of our top downhill bikes at the moment. Read his full report, in Swedish, here.

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In September's feature on overseas skills courses, they reported on our skills coaching trips with Neil Donoghue, saying: "Skills coaching at a luxury eco farmhouse in Sierra Nevada.

Winners must reply to our email within two weeks or a new winner will be drawn. The results have succeeded in identifying some disparities in mountain biker characteristics and engagement methods.

One of our all-time favourite bikes just got better.